Playing Catchup

Apologies for the delay in filling you all in on what I have been up to for the last month and a half! So much has been going on that I haven’t found the time to write and when I finally have, I have written rather a lot! So I hope you have a cup … More Playing Catchup


During my time in Sweden I have had some incredibly humbling moments. I am so fortunate to have come from a wee country like New Zealand that offers incredible opportunities to curlers. We are such a tight knit small community that the chances of representing NZ are very reasonable if you have the drive and … More #BeHumble

Sliding into 2020

Officially half way through! I’ve been in Sweden for a little over 4 months now which means I am officially half way through this amazing exchange programme (still no return ticket booked to NZ though…)  So what has changed in 4 months?  An insane amount has changed with regards to my curling ability (more than … More Sliding into 2020

Celebrating 90years of the Sundbyberg Curlingklubb

In honour of Sundbyberg Curlingklubb turning an amazing 90years old, I thought I would share the history of how this great club came to be. Additional crazy fact: Curling was purely a men’s sport for the first 40years! Women were only permitted to try curling once a year at an annual party. How crazy is … More Celebrating 90years of the Sundbyberg Curlingklubb