Locked and Loaded

The 9th of June 2020 first offical day of NZ curling season!!!! After 2.5months away from the ice I finally got to put my curling shoes on again. And I am stoked to say I have not forgotten all the teaching I had in Sweden (I was a smidge worried during lockdown that I might … More Locked and Loaded


As a child I used to run various scenarios through my head and come up with different ways I would survive them (a bit morbid I know but I am sure I am not the only one that did this). However, it turns out that quicksand and kidnappings aren’t as common as you are made … More #CabinFever

Hectic Exit

Driving to the airport I didn’t feel like I was leaving Sweden to return to NZ (it felt more like I was going on a weekend trip away). There was an eerie feeling in Stockholms airport. What was usually a bustling terminal was empty except for a few desperate travelers trying to get back to … More Hectic Exit

All Good Things Come To An End But It Is Not The End Of All Good Things

I have to be honest, I have been avoiding this post. I didn’t want to write it because in writing it I felt I had to accept the experience was over. However, to quote the bizarrely wonderful mind that was Dr Seus “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!” And recently I have … More All Good Things Come To An End But It Is Not The End Of All Good Things

Custom Kicks

The season may have come to an abrupt end and the rinks might be shut for my entire NZ curling season but at least I managed to get my little hands on a pair of customs curling shoes! My host dad (The Marvelous Mr Moen) is an inventor! He is the master mind behind the … More Custom Kicks

Breaking the Ice

Love a good play on words! I was in need of a break from the ice. The universe aligned and I was whisked away on holiday to Ostersund a 7-8hr car ride north of Stockholm. The occasion for this trip was the Youth Nordic Winter Games! Sundbyberg had 3 junior teams entered in the curling … More Breaking the Ice